The YAMAZAKI DISH STORage rack is a vertical carousel that is self draining and appealing. It is made of powder-coated steel and features three shelves and side hooks. It also features a wooden bar that clips everyday items like knives and utensils. The Japanese manufacturer is known for their innovative designs for limited spaces.

It’s self draining

The Yamazaki Dish Storage Rack is an innovative solution for dish storage. It comes preassembled and does not require any tools, which makes it extremely convenient. Even better, there are no confusing assembly instructions to deal with. It will save space on your countertop and give you an extra level of storage.

The rack is also self-draining. Instead of collecting water on the counter, water runs straight to the rack’s bottom spout and away from the dishes. The rack rolls up when not in use and can be stored under a sink or in a cupboard. It is also great for washing vegetables!

This self-draining dish rack is designed to fit next to a sink and is self-sufficient. It is made of durable ABS resin and steel and has a spout that can be directed towards the sink. The spout is completely pluggable with a stopper provided. It also features a utensil holder made of durable ABS resin. Its removable utensil holder makes cleaning easier.

This self-draining dish rack can hold enough dishes for four people. It is self-draining and sturdy enough to hold extra large pots and pans. It also does not drip onto the countertop. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. It can even be used outside, as it drains well and is built from durable materials.

It’s attractive

The Yamazaki DISH STORAGE Rack was designed to provide attractive, functional storage for dishes. This product comes complete with a detachable tray and includes hooks for plates, utensils and cups. Made of steel and resin, this product is attractive, durable, and functional.

It’s effective

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to organize all of your dishes, the Yamazaki DISH STORAGE Rack can help you achieve this goal. Its clean design and silicone-covered horizontal tracks will keep your plates from rubbing against each other while you’re preparing meals. This rack can easily fit into a tight corner or small space, and you can use it in the pantry as well. It also has an extra hook on the side to hang your everyday tools.

It’s high-quality

The Yamazaki Dish Storage Rack is a high-quality cabinet dish storage solution that maximizes cabinet space and protects your dishes from damage. Designed in Japan, this rack is made of steel and silicon to protect your dishes from scratching and rubbing. It also comes with a silicone stopper to prevent plates from slipping.

This dish rack is durable and offers a modern aesthetic. Its stainless steel construction makes it blend in with your modern kitchen appliances, and the fingerprint-proof and anti-residue coating prevents water spots. It is also easy to clean. However, this dish rack may not be the most affordable option.

Another feature of the Yamazaki Dish Storage Rack is that it features a drainage tray that is designed to catch water when dishes are washing. This tray allows water to dry more quickly, preventing water from accumulating on countertops. Its anti-slip foot and removable utensil cup help prevent the dish rack from sliding around.

Another good feature of this dish rack is its ability to fold or roll up when not in use. The Yamazaki Dish Storage Rack is suitable for countertop or in-sink use. It has a foot-protecting base, and it fits well over a sink. The in-sink rack is ideal for double sinks, but the countertop version is equally convenient. This rack is rust-resistant, durable, and heat-resistant up to 400 degrees. Another plus of this rack is its ability to fit over a coffee pot or a Dutch oven.

Whether you are looking for a durable rack for your sink or countertop, the Yamazaki Dish Storage Rack is a high-quality choice. Featuring a sturdy steel frame, it can accommodate up to four dishes. Its rust-resistant aluminum top rack can even be folded flat for easy storage.