Why Messenger Bot App Has The Best Bots on Messenger

If you are looking for an application to drive sales and engagement with your audience, Messenger Bot App has a number of features to choose from. These include Personalized shopping quizzes, Surveys, and Educating your audience. These bots are the latest trend in messenger marketing and are a great way to engage with your audience.

Personalized shopping quizzes

When building a chatbot for your brand, consider creating a personalized shopping quiz. Personalized shopping experiences are more appealing to consumers. It increases conversion rates by 30 percent. Personalized shopping experiences can also help businesses that provide specialized services. For example, building a chatbot to offer quotes to prospective customers can streamline this process and make it much easier for the customer.

A conversational ecommerce quiz such as Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quiz is more engaging than a generic ecommerce quiz. It includes questions that allow for personalization, as well as back and forth communication. It allows retailers to gather detailed buyer profiles, and retarget customers with highly personalized messaging.

Using quizzes can help you grow your store list, generate leads, and gather customer feedback. It can also boost traffic and time spent on your site, and can even provide SEO benefits. Regardless of what you want to accomplish with your quiz, it will make customers feel valued. Once implemented properly, you can generate sales by a factor of three to 10x.

Octane AI offers an all-in-one platform for data collection, personalized SMS and Facebook Messenger automation. It helps Shopify Plus merchants convert and retain customers. Unlike other shopping quiz tools, Octane AI enables merchants to create and customize a Shop Quiz without writing a single line of code. It also integrates with Shopify so that merchants can easily add products directly to quiz results pages. They can also track revenue from the quiz.


In Messenger Bot App, you can run surveys on Messenger by sending them to users via message. These surveys run automatically on the end of the conversation. You can customize the survey closing message and set it to the desired number of responses. You can also use the “target interactive conversation” option to send the survey only to consumers who are engaged with your bot.

When creating a survey on Messenger Bot App, you can set up a custom rule so that the bot will skip the response if the respondent does not answer the question. This feature works well for custom questions, but is not supported for open-ended questions. Regardless, skip responses will cause the conversation to end abruptly.

In Messenger Bot App, you can use the Surveybot chatbot to run surveys. This chatbot allows you to send surveys to users directly from Facebook Messenger. The great thing about this chatbot is that you don’t need any coding skills to use it. The best part is that you can start using it right away, just like you would any other chatbot. Besides, it allows you to interact with customers through their preferred channels and collect feedback right after their interactions.

Once you’ve set up the bot, click the “3-dot” icon to open it. From there, configure your survey’s settings and triggered conditions. You can also send a transcript of the survey through email. This option works the same as the account-level setting.

Once your survey is created, you can add responses to it by creating a custom response in the survey. If you want, you can include the rating options as buttons or quick replies. You can also use emojis for your options. If you want to use text-based channels, you can use the ‘do not display’ option to hide the answer choices. By default, the only response a consumer receives will be the survey question itself.

The free plan of Surveybot gives you access to 50 responses. You can also purchase premium plans if you need more survey responses. These plans are relatively affordable and include a range of survey tools. The downside is that Surveybot is only available for Facebook Messenger and Facebook Workplace.

Educating your audience

Facebook Messenger is a messaging platform where people can talk to one another. It is highly popular and has a large user base. This opens up a lot of potential for marketers to reach their audience. Unlike the disjointed apps available today, a Messenger bot can help your business reach your audience. You can use it to educate your audience or to entertain them.

Messenger bots can help your business by increasing the response rate of your audience. They can provide real-time information about your products or services. This helps you build a relationship with your audience. By providing real-time information to them, you can improve your customer service. And, since your audience is more likely to trust you and your message, you can increase the likelihood of a response from them.

It’s important to note that not everyone uses the same Messenger bot. You need to customize the welcome message for different audiences. This can be achieved through a few methods. First, you can customize the welcome message based on your ad. For example, if you want your Messenger bot to send people an invitation to join a webinar, you can send an email with a link to sign up. You can also use Zapier to connect your Messenger bot to your webinar platform.

Driving sales

The Messenger Bot app can help you generate sales by automating several key sales tasks. For example, a chatbot could tell a customer which cars are currently on sale, provide details and photos, and book a test drive. This feature can also help you get a higher number of in-store sales.

Messenger Bots can be a great way to reach out to customers in various regions and languages. They can answer customer questions in several languages, and provide 24/7 customer support. They can also help companies understand the behavior of consumers, so that they can better market their products. Furthermore, Messenger Bots can collect consumer data and help companies determine which products need redevelopment or new marketing strategies.