Things to Do in Nappanee, Wisconsin

If you’re planning a visit to Nappanee, Wisconsin, you’ll find that the town offers many activities and attractions. For instance, you can play golf or explore the Amish culture and lifestyle. In addition, Nappanee is home to the Olde Order Amish Farmstead, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Another bonus is that the area is relatively unpopulated, making it an affordable place to buy land.

Amish community of Nappanee

Nappanee is a prototype Amish community. It is a small, rural town with few if any suburban houses and a slow paced lifestyle. The town has a small-town feel, but is home to several large Amish firms. The area is also close to the larger cities of Elkhart and Lagrange, Indiana.

The Amish community of Nappanee is well integrated in the community. Most of the Amish men work in factories during the week, producing non-Amish goods. The town also has a small theater. There are also several shops where visitors can buy Amish products.

The CDC has also worked with the Amish community to develop outreach materials for the community. They interviewed leaders of the community, church members and employees of RV manufacturing companies. The goal of these interviews was to develop educational materials and key messages that are culturally appropriate. While the CDC did not release their findings, they will be sharing them with health officials in the state.

For entertainment, the Amish community of Nappanee offers several theatres in the area. The Round Barn Theatre and Blue Gate Theatre both have performances about Amish life. In addition, the Amish community has a restaurant and gift shops.

Amish Acres

The Amish Acres in Nappanaee, Indiana, is a dining and entertainment complex that was built by the Peltcher family more than 50 years ago. Recently, the property was auctioned off for $4,425,200. Pletcher plans to remain in the area after the sale and hopes to be involved in the community’s affairs.

Visitors can visit the historic farmstead, which includes the Round Barn Theatre, to learn more about the life of an Amish family. The Amish Acres home and barn are the remnants of late 1800’s Amish life. The Stahly family first came to the region from Germany in 1839 with their mother Barbara. Christian Stahly, their father, purchased the land in 1873.

The Inn at Amish Acres has 62 non-smoking rooms. There are also three meeting rooms and an outdoor pool. The inn is also perfect for wedding receptions. It also offers wedding catering and group parties. While in Nappanee, guests can also enjoy the live theater at the Round Barn Theater.

A guided tour is available at Amish Acres. Guided tours of the Amish home include historical details and a look inside the home. During the tour, guests will see authentic Amish items such as furniture, bedsteads, and washboards. A visit to Amish Acres is a great day trip in northern Indiana for families or couples.

Art and Earth Trail

Art lovers will appreciate Nappanee’s Art and Earth Trail, a seven-acre nature preserve located off Woodview Drive. The trails include benches and a lookout shelter for observing wildlife. It’s a perfect complement to the city’s park system. The area also features public sculptures by local artists. Nearby County Road 7 is home to the Art Path, where you can view a rotating collection of these public sculptures.

Visitors can also stop at the Quilt Gardens, where quilts and gardening meet in a beautiful setting. The gardens feature more than a million blooms, sixteen massive gardens, and hand-painted murals. There’s no other experience like it in the world. This colorful patchwork of quilt-inspired gardens and murals delivers dazzling views across seven different communities.

If you’re visiting northern Indiana, don’t miss the Art and Earth Trail. It features more than 150 artists’ studios, galleries, and specialty shops along the route. The trail also features farmers’ markets and quaint lodgings. It’s a great place for family outings.

For art lovers, Nappanee offers a diverse array of activities, including local art galleries, unique shops, and an Amish-style community farm. The Coppes Commons, an historic area, is home to a thriving collection of small businesses. The Coppes Commons Cafe serves breakfast and treats. The Bakery and Treat Shop is a great stop for sweets and treats. Fine furniture is also available from Amish crafters. You can purchase a beautiful piece of furniture at the HomeStyle Furniture Shoppe.


One of the things to do in Nappanee is shop for local crafts and art at one of the many shops. Many items are handmade or crafted by Amish people. Amish-made goods are made to last for generations. The town also features a large variety of smaller family-owned businesses.

The Burkholder Country Store is a great place to find local artisan goods. The store features a wide variety of textiles and household items, as well as doll clothes, shoes, and kitchen wares. Another option is Rentown, where Amish farmers sell produce and carry a number of Hoosier-made brands.

If you love shopping, Nappanee is a wonderful place for you. This city is nestled in the south-west corner of Elkhart County and has many unique shops and attractions to explore. Located near South Bend and Syracuse, Nappanee is a convenient destination for shopping and other attractions.

The town is home to a large Amish community, and it’s known for its cherished history. Historically, the town was an active trading center when the railroad arrived. While the town has changed quite a bit over the years, it still remains a popular tourist destination. If you’re looking for something to do in Nappanee, then try shopping downtown or at Coppes Commons, a renovated cabinet manufacturing facility.


If you want to order food without leaving home, there are plenty of great options in Nappanee. You can order from popular restaurants in town or use a food delivery service like Postmates. These services allow you to browse menus and see which restaurants offer delivery right to your front door. You can search by cuisine, type of food, or star rating to narrow down your selection.

One of the most interesting Nappanee restaurants is Ruhe152, which serves up local and international cuisine. The restaurant boasts a unique architectural style, eclectic farm-to-table menu, and local, fresh ingredients. It offers unique appetizers, a wide selection of salads, and mouth-watering flatbreads. For dinner, you can try a thick locally-grown steak or a tasty piece of seafood.

If you want a more casual dining experience, try out the Dutch Village Restaurant in downtown Nappanee. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal of Dutch-style comfort food. You can also check their Facebook page for daily specials. The food here is wholesome, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Nature preserve

The Nappanee Nature Preserve is a seven-acre piece of natural beauty. It features several trails, including one that leads to the marsh near Woodview Drive. There are also benches and lookout shelters for observing nature. It is an excellent complement to the city’s park system. Visitors will also enjoy wildlife art sculptures nestled into the wooded areas. These public works of art are the work of local artists who were commissioned by the Nappanee Arts Council. Sculptures are also on display at the nearby Art Path, which runs along County Road 7.

Nature preserves are places where people can enjoy nature while protecting it. They are open to the public for hiking, nature study, and scientific research. However, people should be mindful not to disturb nature preserves without a permit, as doing so may harm rare or endangered species. Whether you plan to hike in Nappanee, you should know the rules and regulations regarding the preserve.