The Benefits of Integrating Chat Bot Marketing Software With an Ecommerce Shop System

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mimic a real user interacting with a chat application on the web, through a web browser, messaging apps, chat phones or through the phone. But from a technological point of view, a chatbot merely represents the early development of a question answering system using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Natural Language Processing allows a chatbot to analyze the chat conversations that it follows and suggest suggestions based on the conversations. This is similar to the way in which an automated assistant suggests questions and relevant answers to a customer or a client, on some telephonic or internet phone calls. The chatbot may also use the provided text-based questions and automatically suggests an answer, if the user inputs a specific word or phrase.

However, it is important to note that chatbot has no capability of personalization. Therefore, it cannot replace a live customer support representative. The chatbot serves as a web-based assistant who performs certain pre-programmed tasks based on pre-defined algorithms. It can perform basic tasks such as loading and accessing the chat system, recording a message, forwarding messages, archiving chat history and searching messages in archives. However, these tasks cannot be customized based on the needs of the customer.

In order to make conversational chat Bots more intelligent and capable of personalization, chatbot marketing software vendors have developed sophisticated artificial intelligence softwares that run on a server that processes large amounts of data in short time. This allows chat bots to rapidly form and develop relationships based on previously defined parameters. Since all the communication is done via natural language processing technologies, conversational chat Bots can effectively handle hundreds of messages in a short period. Their advanced artificial intelligence allows them to re-engineer existing conversations to address ever-changing needs of customers.

The most advanced chatbot marketing software comes with chat bots that are capable of generating their own content. The chatbot can be given a specific topic or it can choose to browse through different topics based on pre-programmed keywords. This feature allows the chatbot to generate personalized content that is very similar to the kinds of content typically generated by real humans. This kind of personalized content is also very helpful for brand building because brands can establish a connection with their customer base without making their products and services sound too generic.

Unlike the past, it is now possible to find a chatbot marketing software solution that integrates both SMS and internet messaging. This integration allows the use of chatbot as a messenger during messages sent in both ways. Users can chat away without having to switch to another application. When they switch back to their desktop computer, their desktop applications would also continue to function while chatbot continues to talk. This is because messages in the bot’s memory are synced between the messenger chatbot and the user’s desktop.

A well-built chatbot marketing solution ensures faster customer satisfaction. It improves customer experience because customers would be able to interact with real people during their transactions. This promotes better loyalty from existing customers as well as increasing the potential number of new customers. It also promotes better brand recall especially among repeat visitors to the same shop. These are the benefits of integrating chatbot marketing software with an ecommerce website’s shopping cart system.

As more businesses incorporate chat bots into their business, chatbot technology will surely become a part of the everyday lives of many people. Its usefulness as a communication tool provides more benefits to the company as well as its customers. Chat Bots may be just the kind of marketing tool that businesses need to become more profitable and increase their revenues.