Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

pink salt benefits

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

Himalayan pink salt has been used for curing various disorders since ancient times. The main reason why it is used so much is that Himalayan pink salt really is in such a unique way beneficial to health. Without salt there wouldn’t be life on earth, yet just as importantly it has to be used in correct proportion, as in too much of it can be extremely harmful to health. Here we will look at some of the pink salt benefits and explain why they are so beneficial to mankind.

The first thing to understand is what is pink salt? It is a rock salt that contains a lot of minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium. These are the most important mineral elements one needs in a healthy diet. And Himalayan pink salt comes out top in this regard along with calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

It is also well known that Himalayan salt contains a lot of trace elements such as sulphur, boron, sulphuric acid, zinc, iron and manganese. All these minerals together form a crystal salt, but only Himalayan salt contains a maximum of 35 different minerals in it. Many table salts on the market don’t contain any of these essential minerals in them, so this makes them unhealthy for our bodies. It is these salts that have the right combination of minerals that is necessary for human body.

The next important fact about this pink salt is that it contains high levels of anti-caking agents. The fact that it is highly refined helps to make it have a higher mineral content and hence it acts as an excellent anti-caking agent as it helps to absorb mineral ions in the body very quickly. As a result it ensures that the levels of these minerals in the blood are maintained at all times. This is highly beneficial to people suffering from any kind of kidney problem. In fact people with kidney problems should consume this salt only as a last resort measure because of its extremely high sodium content.

Himalayan pink salt also contains plenty of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. These minerals combine together and form calcium carbonate, which is commonly known as salt. If we look at the molecular structure of sodium chloride, we will find out that it is made up of four hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. We can see that it is also similar to sea salt. The other two alkaline salts like healed and unhealed sea salt do not have this property. We can therefore conclude that these salts are both identical in their chemical makeup.

All in all Himalayan pink salt has got plenty of benefits, which should be enough reason to purchase them. However there are a few additional benefits that this salt comes with. It may be kept under the kitchen sink or in your garden. You never know when you might need it.