Fleur Desel – History and Facts

fleur de sel

Fleur Desel – History and Facts

A lovely ornament, fleur de sel has a rich history. As the name implies, fleur de sel was used in the court of Louis XIV and the French Revolution. Used primarily as decorative motifs, the fleur de sel has evolved into much more. A relatively inexpensive addition to any home, this versatile stone has been used in numerous interior decorating projects, from table linens to decorative vases, to bags, jewelery and even salt and sugar bowls.

In fact, fleur de sel is not just for the royals anymore. The flower of salt is now a widely available alternative for table salt lamps. Fleur de sel is now available in many beautiful hues, with both soft and fattish tones. It is often used in conjunction with other sea salts to create a luminous glow in glass work, vases and mirrors. The addition of fleur de sel to a room instantly brightens any space, making it a welcome addition to many homes.

Fleur de sel has several natural health benefits attached to its use. Salt is an excellent hydrator, retaining moisture in the air, and helping to purify the air. The salt is also reported to help with heartburn, as well as promoting a healthy digestive tract. When added to dishes that are low in moisture content, such as soups or sauces, fleur de sel can help to balance the moisture content in the dish, thereby creating a more appetizing dish for those who do not like salty taste.

Like many sea salts, fleur de sel has a salty flavor. However, its flavor is enhanced by the addition of certain flavorings, including ginger or clove. In general, fleur de sel loses its flavor when heated. To preserve its flavor, it should be served at room temperature after the first few days of use. You may choose to add a little of the flavor you like to bring back a bit of the flavor of the salt or use fleur de sel salt in its pure form to retain the salt’s flavor.

The best way to buy fleur de sel is from a specialized fleur de salon. This is a shop where the salt is prepared under the supervision of a master chef. Most of the time, you can buy the salt from this shop along with other essential products. However, if you do not have access to this type of specialized shop, you can buy fleur de sel online.

Fleur de sable can also be used for cooking. Cookbooks and websites sell preserved fleur de sel in various styles, such as bouquets and salt cakes. The cake will remind you of the beautiful house of the Renaissance when you eat this salt. Today, you can also buy fleur de sable sheets to use as fleur de lis wedding favors. Fleur de sel creates a lovely image and a reminder of the heritage, beauty and history of France and its people.