Building Facebook Bot Apps in 1 Easy Step

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a program designed to utilize AI (artificial intelligent) technology to automatically communicate with others on the internet. These bots can formulate a more human-like response and know what they’re being asked. This is why Facebook Bots are on their way to completely revolutionizing the face of internet marketing, service, and customer support. Consider these three reasons why you should give Facebook Messenger Bot a shot now.

facebook bots

First off, a Facebook Messenger Bot can help you find an employment job faster than ever before. You can connect your Facebook account to search for job ads on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re applying at a company, they will probably send you a text message or an email asking you if you would like to work for them. Now you don’t have to manually type out each and every application, but you can do it from your chatbox in Facebook.

Secondly, this new form of communication opens up many more doors for you as well. For instance, you could easily tell your friends that you are hiring a Facebook Messenger Bot. Say you want to give your friends a heads up about a seminar you’ll be attending. All they have to do is simply click a button, and hey presto! Their messages will now pop up right on their Facebook page letting them know all about the great seminar you’re organizing.

Last but not least, this new form of interaction will enable you to find new friends and reconnect with old friends. You can simply click the chatbot’s button, and voila! You’ve added a new friend to your network, without having to go through the process of individually adding them to your Facebook account. Just like the Facebook bots, these new Facebook Messenger Bots work in the same way – simply click your mouse to send messages, and voila!

However, there are some things you should know before you get too excited about all these amazing features. Because the original facebook bots were created to perform Facebook marketing efforts in the most basic of ways, they aren’t always the best choice for businesses. These advanced versions are more sophisticated, and therefore may offer you better results in terms of generating higher revenue and conversions. This isn’t to say, however, that the basic version is not a great tool for marketing.

If you decide that you’d like to use these advanced facebook bots in your Facebook marketing efforts, you need to know how to install them. Because these are simply online applications, you won’t be able to just open up the Facebook messaging app – the official one in the iPhone and iPad versions of Facebook. You will, instead, need to download and install Xcode, which is required for creating applications for the iOS platform. Once you’ve installed Xcode, you should be able to launch the messenger app, select the Bot tab and then install your Facebook Bot.

Once you have Xcode downloaded and installed, you’ll need to create a Facebook ID and fill in the information required. The Facebook ID is what will allow automated bots to access your customer service department through the Messages option in the top right-hand corner of the app. The Facebook ID should also be used to sign into the Facebook profile, so that any messages sent from the bot to a real human being are given a more human touch. The application will still prompt the user with messages if they don’t have a Facebook ID. These customer service options are incredibly helpful, especially to those who use social media for communication purposes only.

To conclude, it’s incredibly easy to let the Facebook Bots take over your marketing efforts. Because the original program was designed to perform basic tasks, such as posting status updates, posting links, sharing photos and so forth, it’s difficult to completely get rid of a bot, even if it’s been set to perform an endless series of these repetitive tasks. You can, however, set the Facebook Bot to perform one task at a time, allowing the Facebook team to focus on other important matters, while allowing the Bot to do its thing. To close out, it’s simply click the “ok” button and then “save” to complete the installation process.