Building an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot

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Building an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot

What is a chatbot? A chat bot is a computer program, usually web-based, which is used to run an instant on-line chat session via chat-style protocols, instead of delivering direct human interaction with an agent. The term “chat bot” was made popular in the late 1990s and has since become associated with online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft (commonly known as WoW). However, these games are not the only ones where you might encounter chat bots. They can also be used for social networking, online collaborative applications, online gaming, and so much more.

How do chat bots work? Basically, a chat bot is a program that sits at the top of a discussion board or forum and responds to any queries, requests, comments, or questions that users might post. Chat bots are programmed very similarly to chat programs (most of the time), with one main difference: instead of running in a chat room by itself, they are “run by a bot”. This bot is responsible for reading and responding to any messages or postings that users make. Bot users can “hire” a chat bot that runs on a continuous basis, or let the bot run on its own.

So, how do they look like? There is actually no “look” or distinguishable “features” of a chat bot. Instead, a chat bot’s appearance is defined by its vocabulary, characteristics, capabilities, and coding. In short, it just acts and reacts like a typical member of society. For instance, if you were to post a message on a Facebook chat bot, it would most likely say “Hello” to anyone who posts that message. Of course, depending on the chat bot’s programming, it might actually utter a different name or word to correspond with the posting.

Some chat bots can read text from an Internet website. Many Internet websites have chat bots that are used by visitors. In this case, the chat bot would simply read the text posted by the visitor. It would not have any knowledge of the website or any information on the site at all. Chat bots which are used on chat networks, on the other hand, can associate with chat networks and customize their conversations with members of the same network; the information given may be accurate and current.

One example of a chat bot is MSN chat bot, which is commonly used by people on MSN networks. Such conversational artificial intelligence (ACI) chat bots are used for inter-personal conversation on MSN chat networks such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN chat bot, and many others. Such conversational artificial intelligence (ACI) chat bots can also be programmed by individual users in order to initiate normal, individual conversations with others.

Chat bots can also be used for language processing. This can be compared with the work done by English language processing software such as the spell checker in Microsoft Word. Such language processing software can analyze a document in the foreign language and correct any errors made in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. The chat bots can analyze text typed in chat rooms and suggest possible matches using its built-in databases.

Chat bots are a good option for those who want to use chat rooms without the need to know any languages. Almost all popular chat rooms accept bot applications and users do not have to translate words or phrases into their user language in order to chat with others. Bots are easy to install and use, and they do not need installation of additional plug-ins, which means one does not have to install any software or plug-ins for the chat bot in order to use it. However, to ensure safety, all chat rooms should always use protected servers. Bots can also be used in educational environments as they make learning much easier for children as they can be taught simple chat functions such as send and receive messages, send and receive email, and search for terms commonly used in chat rooms.

There are many companies that offer packages for chat bot development such as the chat bot Aiml. Such packages include an artificial intelligence system with pre-installed speech recognition software, content moderation tools, as well as database support. Such packages can help even a beginner develop conversational skills with the aim of expanding his business.