Best Places to Visit in Grove Hill, Alabama

When you are visiting Grove Hill, Alabama, you will need to know some important facts about the town. The town is located in Clarke County, Alabama. According to the US Geological Survey, the area is highly susceptible to natural disasters. Whether you are considering relocating to the area or simply want to explore the town, there are some things you should know.


Gaineswood is one of America’s best preserved Greek Revival houses. Its interior features domed ceilings, elaborate plasterwork, and a pair of gilt mirrors. The house was designed by a young general named Nathan Bryan Whitfield, who employed enslaved African Americans to complete the construction. Today, the house is owned by the Alabama Historical Commission and operated by the Friends of Gaineswood.

The historic Gaineswood mansion was originally built in 1861, and has been restored to its original appearance. Inside, you will find beautiful antique furniture and paintings from the era. The building is home to a spirited ghost. The ghost is said to float past the second floor windows, crying and dressed in black.

Clarke Preparatory School

Clarke Preparatory School is a private school located in Grove Hill, Alabama. The school was established in 1970 as Grove Hill Academy. Originally, the school was segregated, but that changed in 1982 when the United States Commission on Civil Rights inspected it, along with eight other schools in Alabama. In 1995, the school received tax-exempt status, and a new building was constructed in its current location.

The school is home to one of the longest winning streaks in high school football in the country. According to MaxPreps, Clarke Prep’s winning streak began in 2004. The school is also known for its outstanding athletic programs.

Gaineswood is a look into the Greek architectural trend

The Gaineswood plantation in Demopolis, Alabama is a prime example of Greek Revival architecture. It was designed by General Nathan Bryan Whitfield, who lacked any formal architecture training. Instead, he relied on his slaves to help him build the house. Many of these slaves were talented carpenters and plasterers. Today, the Gaineswood is a museum operated by the Alabama Historical Commission.

The structure’s construction took 18 years, beginning in 1843. The house’s construction was interrupted by the Civil War. In 1846, Whitfield’s first wife died. By the time she passed away, the dining room and parlor/library were almost finished. However, the decorative bas-relief finish and domed skylights were not added until after Elizabeth’s death. This indicates that Whitfield had an idea of the eventual form in mind before she passed away.

Gaineswood was added to the original house in the 1850s. It was built in a Greek architectural style. Its imposing front portico is adorned with Doric, Corinthian, and Ionic columns. It also has an observatory that was built on the main roof by Bryan Watkins Whitfield. This was the last major addition to the Gaineswood house. The house also has a low east wing that consists of a semicircular bay window with fluted Doric pillars.

The Gaineswood estate is a prime example of the Greek architectural trend in Grove Hill, Alabama. The original owner, George Strother Gaines, had originally built a cabin on the estate. The house was later purchased by the Whitfield family, a wealthy planter who had originally settled in the nearby Jefferson, Tennessee. However, the Whitfield family experienced a tragic loss of three children during the 1840s due to yellow fever, and the family decided to move to the Gaineswood tract.

Gaineswood is a private school

If you are looking for a private school in Grove Hill, Alabama, then you have come to the right place. Clarke Preparatory School serves students in grades PK-12. The school focuses on providing the best education possible, and it is known for its outstanding faculty.

The Gaineswood Plantation was built in the 1820s and is located in Demopolis, Alabama. Its first documented owner was George Strother Gaines. He first owned the land in 1819 and built a dog-trot cabin there. In 1821, he moved to Mobile, but retained the property for 12 years.

The building itself is beautiful, with domed ceilings in the parlor and dining room. The interior features ornate plasterwork and carved wood. It is decorated with French, Prussian, and Italianate elements. The building also has a beautiful swimming pool. A museum houses the school’s original furnishings, and it has a small slave house. There is also a WPA-built gym on the grounds.

Grove Hill is a great place to post up for the weekend

If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit for the weekend, look no further than Grove Hill, Georgia. This historic town is the county seat of Clarke County and was officially incorporated in 1929. The town is home to many interesting historical sites, including the Clarke County Historical Museum.

The community is filled with a variety of businesses, from large national chains to small, locally owned stores. There are also a number of fast food and family restaurants in the area. The town is governed by a mayor and five council members. It also has a volunteer fire and rescue department.